ck-12 BrainFlex – Prevent the Summer Slide!


WHO: Teachers and parents looking to keep students active in the learning process over the summer months.

HOW: Direct students to go to and accept the challenge.  Students will be directed to pick the subjects they want to study, practice everyday (anytime, anywhere), and keep track of progress throughout the summer.

WHEN:  It has been said that students who do not read or practice skills during the summer are set back two months each year.  This is known as the “summer slide”.  Over the course of the elementary years, students could be set back by an entire year!  There are many opportunities to help students keep active in the learning process, and this is a fantastic one.

While it may be difficult during the summer, I would highly recommend that teachers/schools communicate with parents and look at options such as this for getting students engaged in education.

**On a side note, if your school is looking for new textbooks, be sure to check out  This website offers “flexbooks” that are aligned to state standards and Common Core Standards.  You can pick and choose sections form multiple books to create your own, and the best part is the books are free!