MathTV – Videos for Flipping, Differentiation, or Extended Learning


Who: Math teachers or tutors looking to help students understand math concepts.  The courses listed are: Basic Mathematics,
Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, High School and Homeschool.

How: Teachers or students simply visit  There, they will be given a list of topics (or textbooks).  Then a list of problems will be listed in the middle.  Each problem has multiple videos from a variety of instructors.  Each instructor has their own style of teaching how to solve the problem.  This allows teachers and students to identify which style works best for them.

When: Teachers could use this tool for the flipped classroom model or offer it as a tool for extended learning.  Some of the videos allow the student to “read it” which shows notes.  They may also allow students to “explore it” which links to Wolfram Alpha to break down the question further.

This tool would be great for a 1:1 classroom to allow students the opportunity to see different approaches to problems.  The one downside is that the teacher is unable to embed the videos into their website.

This website is put together by XYZ Textbooks.


ck-12 BrainFlex – Prevent the Summer Slide!


WHO: Teachers and parents looking to keep students active in the learning process over the summer months.

HOW: Direct students to go to and accept the challenge.  Students will be directed to pick the subjects they want to study, practice everyday (anytime, anywhere), and keep track of progress throughout the summer.

WHEN:  It has been said that students who do not read or practice skills during the summer are set back two months each year.  This is known as the “summer slide”.  Over the course of the elementary years, students could be set back by an entire year!  There are many opportunities to help students keep active in the learning process, and this is a fantastic one.

While it may be difficult during the summer, I would highly recommend that teachers/schools communicate with parents and look at options such as this for getting students engaged in education.

**On a side note, if your school is looking for new textbooks, be sure to check out  This website offers “flexbooks” that are aligned to state standards and Common Core Standards.  You can pick and choose sections form multiple books to create your own, and the best part is the books are free!

Homeroom: Don’t Just Tell Them, Show Parents What Is Happening In Your Classroom!


Who: Teachers looking for a safe, private, and easy way to share pictures from the classroom with parents.

How: Teachers can download the app to their smartphone or log into their account via web browser.  Teachers set up an account, create albums, then send invitations via e-mail address or cell phone number.  Parents create accounts and choose which album they would like to view.  The pictures are delivered with a social media feel.

When:   This is a great tool for sharing and collaborating with parents at all grade levels.


Edueto: Making Worksheet Style Questions Interactive Online!

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 2.54.54 PM

Who: Teachers looking for an interactive and engaging avenue for class time worksheets.  This could also be used for interactive formative assessments.

How: Teachers create an account at, then create an assignment, and finish with creating a class to assign the assessment to.  When creating an assignment, teachers have a large variety to choose from including:

Quiz (Multiple Choice questions)

Gap Filling (Fill in the blank with one-option gap, multiple-choice gap, and open-ended gap)

Matching (Match corresponding items)

Writing (Essays, analysis, and discussion)

Sorting (Sorting items into groups)

Equations (Mathematical equations solved with multiple choice or True/False)

PicTag (Picture tagging)

Sequence (Sorting items into sequences)

Creating the assignments is simple with the easy to use interface.  The option to assign the activity is given immediately after creation as well.  Teachers also have options to add pictures and video to their assignments.  Teachers identify correct answers while making the assignment to allow the system to automatically grade when turned in.  Teachers also have the ability to set a due date when assigning to their classes.  As students complete assignments, teachers are able to see data by student or the class as a whole.  Each question broken down for teachers to identify content that may need revisited.

There is also a growing repository of of public assignments created by other teachers.  Teachers have the option to share their new assignment they have made in this public library.

Teachers need to create classes.   Students need to create accounts as well as enroll themselves with an enrollment code that is automatically generated when a class is created.  No e-mail address is required for students.

The student interface is simple as well.  When a student logs in, they see their classes they are enrolled in.  After the student clicks on a course, they then see the assignments for that class.  After the students completes an assignment, they are able to see their score, as well as a break down of each question.

When:   Edueto could be used as a bell-ringer, exit ticket, in-class assignment, or quiz.  It is easier to create than a worksheet as the teacher just writes questions/answers, no need to format like you would in a word processing program.

This tool is easy to use and I would recommend it for any 1:1 classroom, or any teacher that uses an LMS.


Tutorial from Edueto: