STEM Sheets: Online Resources For STEM Courses


WHO: Teachers with courses including Science, Technology, Engineering, and/or Math.

HOW: No need to sign up for an account on this site.  Simply go to, select which content area you are looking for, and browse around to see what is available.  Resources include Games, Customizable Worksheets, Graph Paper, and more.

WHEN: Teachers can use this site while planning lessons, or offer materials for extended learning.

iPhone 6S Plus: What To Try?

I have had the opportunity to use my upgrade at Verizon for a few months now, but have waited for Apple to release their next product.  Finally my new phone arrived today. I decided to go with the Apple iPhone 6S Plus (64gb). I chose this model for the larger screen area, higher capacity for storing pictures/videos, and I finally have a mobile device with iMovie pre-installed.

One of the first things I plan to do using my phone with school, is to attempt to make a promotional video, completely on the iPhone.  I cannot wait to see the quality the 12mp camera produces, coupled with the 5.5″ screen, I should have ample real estate to put together a quality project.

I am typing this post using the iPhone, my first attempt at posting on a mobile device, and I must say that I am quite impressed.

Glean: Video Lessons for Science and Math



WHO: Science and Math Teachers, students, tutors, or parents looking for video lessons in Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2, Biology, Chemistry. Coming soon include Calculus, Physics and Organic Chemistry.

HOW: Sign up for a free account at and get started!  Teachers/tutors can assign lessons to classes, students/parents can simply choose a topic.

WHEN: is great for flipped classrooms.  Teachers can assign videos for homework and spend the following class period reinforcing the material covered with their students.

Glean has videos from the best teachers, allows for peer to peer help, and adapts to fit the learning style of the user.  Students have the options for self-guided learning as well.  If they get stuck on a topic, alternate video are available to watch for a different approach.

Glean Insights allow teachers to see how students are progressing with lessons, how much time they have spent, and what percentage students have completed as well.  Insights track when students review parts of videos as well.

No Red Ink: Grammar and Punctuation Practice


WHO: Teachers looking to save on red pens and markers (just kidding). Teachers who are looking for digital practice for grammar, punctuation, and more.

HOW: Teachers sign up for an account, create a class, have students join class via code, and assign “diagnostic, practice, or quiz”.  There is a plethora of content for grades K-3, 4-6, 7-9, and 10-12.  Students are able to identify pop culture icons that they are interested in, No Red Ink will then use those names in questions to help keep students interested.  When a student answers a question incorrectly, they are given a hint, another incorrect answer will give them a break down of their mistake.  After this tutorial, students will then be given another question to apply what they were just refreshed on.  Premium membership is also available here.

WHEN: This tool is great for in class, formative assessment, supplemental work, or differentiation. The assignments on No Red Ink are interactive and more engaging when compared to the same work on pen and paper.

PrepFactory: Engaging SAT/ACT Test Prep for Free!

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 9.11.17 AM


WHO: Teachers with SAT/ACT Prep Courses, Guidance Counselors, students, and parents looking for a way to make SAT/ACT Test Prep more enjoyable.

HOW: Simply sign up for an account, take the 10 second tour, and get started!

WHEN: This is a great option for SAT/ACT Test Prep courses, enrichment classes, free time, and study halls.

I visited, took the tour and immediately tried out the Word Play game.  The system will match you up with another person for a head-to-head matchup of test vocabulary.  The website also has videos and practice questions that change the scene from the regular pen and paper style practice.

NWOET Fall Technology Conference


WHO: Educators looking for a great Professional Development Opportunity

WHEN: Monday, October 12, 2015 at Attica Seneca East High School

HOW: Register online at

NWOET Technology Conference 2015 will feature speakers, presentations, and more to help you master technology in the classroom.

$129 (includes a 5-hour PD certificate)
BRING YOUR STAFF! Groups of 10 or more: $49 per person

Early Bird Special
Register by September 30, 2015
$99 per person

2015 Tech Conf

Boundless: Digital Replacement for Textbooks



From Boundless:

“Boundless has thousands of PowerPoints, quizzes, readings, and textbooks you can use to make your teaching more effective. Browse any of our more than 20 subjects to find the resources best suited for you.”


WHO: Teachers looking to replace their textbooks, teachers with 1:1 classrooms, and teachers looking to do more online with their students.  Teachers that are looking for resources such as pre-made quizzes, PowerPoint templates, and readings will find this site useful.

HOW: Teachers sign up for an account on, set up a class, invite students, and assign quizzes/readings, etc..

WHEN: is a great tool for lesson planning, formative assessment, supplemental material, and additional material to help push students who need more.

The teachers I have shared this resource with have put it to use immediately.  There are so many different content areas, that you are sure to find something to use in your school.

OER Commons: Open Educational Resources for All Classrooms



WHO: Teachers looks for additional resources in their classrooms.

HOW: This service could not be any easier!  Teachers can get resources without signing up for an account.  Simply open your web browser, go to, type your topic into the search bar, choose subject/grade level/standards (optional), and have resources, lesson plans, activities and more instantly!  Accounts are free, so I highly recommend signing up for one.

WHEN: This website is a phenomenal resource while planning your upcoming lessons.  In addition to your textbook (if you use one), you will find a wide variety of digital resources here.

OER Commons has put together an astonishing network of links to so many different topics. I have shared this website with a few of the teachers I work with, and they immediately bookmarked it to use in their classroom. The dropdown menu for grade level includes everything from preschool to adult education.

Tweet Walls: Engaging Interaction with Crowd

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 12.16.54 PM

WHO: Teachers and Presenters looking to engage their crowd with the option to share experiences via Twitter.

HOW: Set up a digital display of your liking, create a hashtag for your event, and set up a Tweet Wall page.

WHEN: Great for school dances, presentation events, etc..

One of the hats I wear at the Calvert Catholic Schools is Student Council Advisor.  As we approach Spirit Week and all of the festivities associated with Homecoming, I am given the chance to work directly with students and find out about things they enjoy.  I first heard about Tweet Walls when Principal Peter Cole (@CHSBlueDevil1) posted a picture of the Tweet Wall he used at Carey High School’s Homecoming Dance.

At Homecoming 2014, I set up our projection screen and a projector off to the side of the gym.  When I told the students I was setting up a Tweet Wall, they were a little skeptical.  Once the dance started and students started to use the hashtag, they were engaged and began sharing their experience with their peers. Students also asked to have a Tweet Wall set up for our Field Day Event at the end of the 2014-2015 school year.

Fast forward to Spirit Week 2015 and the Tweet Wall was one of the first requests from student council to have included in their dance.  Using a hashtag and tweet wall also allows you to capture moments from a students/spectators standpoint and get their viewpoint of an event.

I also used a tweet wall using the digital displays at NCOESC during EdCamp Ohio.  The educators in the crowd loved the idea and shared photos/quotes/resources the entire day.

There are a few different options out there for Tweet Walls, and the best looking ones ask for payment to use their resource.  The one I have grown very found of is Wall of Silver.

To use Wall of Silver, just go to the website, scroll down, and enter the hashtag for your event.  The page will begin to refresh with all the tweets tagged with that hashtag.  If it is for students, I would recommend starting with a warning regarding inappropriate tweets that will result in the removal of the Tweet Wall.

Purpose Games: Engage Students With Digital Review Games

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 11.04.53 AM

WHO: Teachers looking to create and incorporate digital review games into their classrooms.

HOW: Teachers create an account on, create games (Image Quiz – Dots, Image Quiz – Shapes, Matching Game, Multiple Choice Game), and direct students to play.  Games can be made public and shared with the online community, and there is also the option to have a tournament among your students.  Interactivity helps to engage students and repetition helps with facts memorization.

WHEN: This is a great option for additional repetition and as a review game before assessments.  The teacher could also have students create their own games as a way of demonstrating mastery of content.