SumDog: Interactive, Engaging, Competitive Math Games To Master Common Core Standards


WHO: Teachers looking for a way to engage students in practicing math.

HOW: Sumdog can be used independently by students.  However, teachers can also create an account, class, and view student progress.  Students are able to compete in a variety of games that allow them the practice they need to strengthen their math skills.  Students also are rewarded with coins that can be used to purchase “pets”.  Click here to learn more about how Sumdog builds these math skills.

WHEN: Sumdog would be great for enrichment, after a lesson, or at-home practice.

Sumdog uses the “Freemium” model, while they do offer many great tools and games for free, you will want to take a look at their pricing page to see what else is available.

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WEO: Digital Assignments With A Social Media Feel!


WHO: Teachers looking for digital activities in the classroom.

HOW: Sign up for an account on, create a class, add students (or they can add themselves via class code). Teachers can either create activities/assessments on their own, or search what other teachers have created.  Lessons that are Common Core aligned are easy to search for.  When creating activities, teachers can add a variety of items:

Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 1.20.50 PM

To find activities made by other teachers, just simply click on the search icon in the corner, and type in the topic you are covering.  Teachers can create boards, “pin” activities to save for later, or assign to a class.

WHEN: Teachers could use WEO as a Bell Ringer/Exit Ticket, Formative/Summative Assessment, or for an entire lesson.  Teachers can be up and running with their first activity in a matter of minutes.

Quick introduction from WEO:

Printable Paper: Many Different Types of Paper .PDFs To Print On Your Own

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 12.35.27 PM

WHO: Anyone looking for specific types of paper.  Budget templates, graph paper, teacher resources, games, and much more!

HOW: Could not be any easier! Simply go to, search for what you are looking for, download the .pdf, and share (or print if you’d like).

WHEN: The resources at Printable Paper can be used for any part of a lesson.

Fresh Grade: Digital Student Portfolios With Ease!


WHO: Teachers looking to create digital portfolios for their students.

HOW: Teacher signs up for an account at, creates a class, adds students, then uploads materials.  Teachers can use either their computer or a mobile device.  When using the App, teachers can capture evidence in the form of picture, video, audio, or text. Next the teacher tags the student or students it goes with, and it is added to the appropriate portfolio. There is also a student app, allowing students to take charge of their portfolios as well.  Parents also have an app available for them as well to see what each of their students are up to, and receive communication from teachers.

WHEN: This is a great tool for teachers to use all year round.  This allows the teacher to have materials to show parents how their student is doing during Parent-Teacher Conferences.

This tool is very easy to set up, and makes communication a breeze. It is very useful for classrooms with mobile devices.

Fresh Grade Product Demo from Fresh Grade:

Twitter #EdChats: Global Collaboration for Better Education

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 6.10.08 PM

WHO: Teachers and Administrators who are looking for new ways to learn more about education, from fellow educators.

HOW: If you do not have a Twitter Account, you should.  Even if you are just “lurking” (reading everyones tweets without participating in the conversation), you will still pick up a wealth of knowledge. Teachers are a group that love to share,  especially with other like-minded individuals.  There are chats on Twitter every night on a wide variety of topics.  If there is something a teacher is remotely interested in, take a look at see if there is a chat about it.  You may just find that there are others from all around the globe that have been trying new things in their classrooms and would love to make suggestions.

WHEN: A full calendar of upcoming chats is available to see here:

Having participated in Educational Chats over the past few years, I would recommend that you use TweetDeck which allows the user to create columns that focus on specific criteria, such as an account, hashtag, notifications, and more.  I typically have a column for my notifications so that I am sure to respond to all direct comments to myself. A column for the chat itself, that way you can see the flow of conversation, and also a column for the chat moderator.  This way you can see the Chat Topics as they are opened for discussion.


Eduvee: Personalized Digital Learning Platform


WHO: Teachers and students looking for individual course material.

HOW: Teachers can create classes online with all of their students enrolled in the same course.  If a student wants help on their own, they can create an account and start coursework.  Eduvee has many different courses built in, with multimedia based lessons, and assessments with confidence meters.

WHEN: Eduvee is a great option for enrichment coursework.  Whether it is letting students explore topics of interest on their own, or having a teacher leading the way with Eduvee to guide. This would also greatly benefit smaller schools that may not have the staffing to provide coursework that is available.

Courses available as of 10/19/15:

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 12.13.52 PM

Video from Eduvee:

PeeQ – QBall – Throwable Microphone – IndieGoGo Campaign Ends October 16, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 10.28.58 AM

PeeQ launched an INDIEGOGO Campaign to raise funds for their product the QBall.  This campaign ends on October 16, 2015.

This product seems like a great idea for the classroom.  Students get excited to answer questions, and the class benefits from voices being amplified.

To take part in the campaign visit:


SAS Curriculum Pathways: Excellent Digital Resources Sorted By Standards

SAS Curriculum Pathways

WHO: Teachers looking for digital resources for their lessons.

HOW: Visit, create an account, and search for the standard you are looking for.  Resources are sorted by both Common Core Standards as well as State Standards.  Teachers can sort by grade level, content area, and standard type to see what is available.  Resources vary from simple data to use in class to entire courses.

WHEN: With each resource being different, there is a wide variety of times to use with class.  Be sure to look around and see what is available to use with your students.

Class123: Free Classroom Management Tool


WHO: Teachers looking for an engaging means of classroom management that also features parent communication.

HOW: Teachers create an account at, add a class, start a class, and then identify positive/negative behaviors.  There are many different screens including seating chart, class board, announcements, and more.  Classes work together to be awarded Golden Eggs, in which teachers can use to have class parties, extra recess, and other rewards. After ending a class for the day, the teacher is able to see analytics for the class.

WHEN: This tool is great to use all day long in class.

Here is an introduction from Class123:

Introduction: What is Class123? from Class123 on Vimeo.