Blooket – A New Spin on Classroom Review Games

WHO: Teachers looking for a new way to engage students in review activities in their classroom.

HOW: Create an account (login with Google is an option for you and students) at Blooket and create a set of questions. There is a community bank with topics already available. If you cannot find what you are looking for in the community, you can also import flashcards from other question bank sources.

After finding or creating a set of questions, you will then host a game. Students sign-in with a unique code or access as homework if that is how you assign it.

Options include (at this time):

Classic: “Good Ol’ Fashioned Blooket! Compete by answering questions quickly to earn points and climb the leaderboard”

Tower of Doom: “Survive to Ascend the Magical Tower of Doom! Answer questions to collect cards that help you defeat evil Blooks and climb the Tower of Doom to victory” This is only available as homework.

Racing: “Exhilarating, Suspense-Filled Action! Answer questions to race opponents and use power-ups to get to the finish line first”

Battle Royale: “Intense, Competitive Showdowns! Players face each other in 1 vs 1 (or team vs team) showdowns and try to keep their energy up until only one remains”

Factory: “Fast-Paced, Money-Making Madness! Quickly answer self-paced questions to unlock and upgrade Blooks that make you some cold, hard, virtual cash”

Cafe: “Order Up! It’s Time For Some Delicious Food! Serve food to customers, restock your supplies by answering questions, and buy upgrades to create an awesome CafĂ©”

Gold Quest: “Exciting Twists and Chests Full of Gold! Build your riches in this chaotic mode by answering questions to earn gold and take it from other players”

WHEN: Blooket is fantastic for classroom review or as a formative assessment. Much like the other competition-based online activities, Blooket will have your students attention from the start.

WHY: Students find a “blook” (a square character used as an avatar) of their own. They can earn rewards throughout all of the classes in their school that use Blooket to unlock new blooks. This simple addition coupled with the variety of games, engages students in a new form for reviewing information you have covered in your class. Unfortunatly, individual results from each game are not available in the free account. You are able to see results from your class as a whole after each game, so you can guide your content from the class-wide perspective.

If you signup, let them know user krinaman sent you!

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