RecordCast: More Than Just Screen Capture

WHO: RecordCast is a tool that can be used for screen capturing but it also has a simple video editing option as well. While trying out RecordCast for the first time, I offered a suggestion to the creators and the feature was added in no time. Teachers that do not have access to video editing tools or the knowledge and skills for putting together videos will find this system simple to get started with. This tool would be great for teachers that are working remotely as well as those looking to get going with the Flipped Classroom model. This is also useful for having students creating videos for classroom content.

HOW: Accounts are free and can be linked to Google accounts for an easy sign-in method. Once in, you can create a video by uploading files you already have or recording. When recording a video, there are a few options to choose from: Screen + Webcam, Screen Only, and Webcam Only.

Choose what works for you! If the video is for your students, I recommend using the Screen + Webcam. This allows your students to hear and SEE you, which makes it a more class-like experience.

After recording/uploading a video, users can then edit their masterpiece. This is a step forward in comparison to other screen recording tools as you can trim out unwanted parts (instead of starting over each time), do picture in picture for you and your whiteboard, as well as adding background music and titles. While this might be more than you need for creating lecture videos, having those options available makes RecordCast much more versatile. I could see it being used by students on Chromebooks in classrooms everywhere.

WHEN: RecordCast is a great addition to the Flipped Classroom model and for teachers creating content for asynchronous online classes. It is also great for students to use for creating videos that demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of classroom content.

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