IPEVO – IW2 – Wireless Interactive Whiteboard – Cost Effective Solution for Classrooms



DEVICE: IPEVO IW2 Wireless Interactive Whiteboard System

COST: $169.00 (plus tax and shipping if applicable)

INTERFACE: USB (via included Wireless Receiver)


Cost: With a sub-$200 price tag, this interactive whiteboard is a fantastic option for schools on a tight budget.

Footprint:  The IW2 Sensor Cam is placed somewhere near the projector. It is approximately 1.5″ wide, 2″ deep, and 3″ tall.  Included in the package is mounting equipment for any desktop or ceiling mounted placement.  The IW2 Sensor Cam requires power source and has a 3.6m USB cable and power adapter included in the package.

Interaction:  Users can either touch the surface with the tip of the Interactive Pen or use the large green button on the Interactive Pen to use the Interactive Pen while standing away from the board.  Students enjoy this feature as it is something different than other brands of interactive whiteboards on the market.

Installation: Users utilize the IW2 Interactive Pen.  The Interactive Pen and Sensor Cam both communicate with the computer through the included Wireless USB Receiver.  The Wireless Receiver snaps into the base of the Interactive Pen for easy transport and storage. Users need to install the driver file and the Annotator software.  The user then connects the Sensor Cam, Interactive Pen, and Wireless USB Receiver.  Follow the calibration directions in the manual and driver software and the interactive whiteboard is up and running. Visit the IW2 Download Page here to get the necessary files.



Ease-of-use: After getting the IW2 running, using the device is pretty straightforward.  Users can switch back and forth between desktop mode and drawing mode.  In desktop mode, users can use the Interactive Pen just the same as using a mouse.  In Drawing Mode, users can write/draw/ highlight on anything displayed on the screen.  Users can also put up a shade that dims the entire screen, or dims most while highlighting what the teacher wants students to focus on.


Calibration: The initial calibration can be difficult, as the user needs to click the corners of the screen and makes sure the red dot is displayed.  If you are not lucky enough to get it right on the first try, this could result in a lot of back and forth adjusting.  This is particularly difficult in ceiling mounted situations.

Stylus: At first glance, I felt that the new Interactive Pen was too long.  However, after using it, I found it to be useful in reaching the entire screen when standing to one side.


Be sure to visit IPEVO online and check out their entire lineup.


IPEVO has released a tutorial video for setting up the IW2 in your classroom.  This is very beneficial for those setting up an IPEVO product for the first time.