IPEVO Point 2 View Document Camera: Great Image Quality & Low Cost Make the P2V an Outstanding Classroom Option!

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DEVICE: IPEVO Point 2 View Document Camera

COST: $69.00 (plus tax and shipping if applicable) [Schools may qualify for bulk pricing]

INTERFACE: USB (Mac & Windows Compatible)


Cost: A high quality document camera for under $70 is very hard to beat.

Clarity: The Point 2 View (P2V) has a 2.0 megapixel camera, and while that sounds low by today’s standards, this device outputs a great picture! The autofocus feature is very easy to use as well. It works up to a 2″ extreme close-up.

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Footprint:  The P2V takes up little to no space on the teacher’s desk.  The sturdy, weighted, round base is a little over 2″ in diameter.  The arm on the base articulates very easily and allows the teacher to zoom in manually.  It is also worth noting that IPEVO offers a microscope adapter for this product for science classrooms.

Ease-of-use:  The included software is simple and straight forward.  Teachers can be up and running with this device in their classroom in under 10 minutes or less (depending on install time.)  Install the IPEVO software, plug in the USB cable, and start using this great document camera!  The camera is detachable from the base allowing the presenter to get exactly the angle they are looking for.

Multi-use: the P2V can also be used with the leading Internet calling applications.


Construction: It is hard to find something wrong with this device, and at a stretch, one could possibly question how well this document camera will stand the test of time and student interaction.  As long as the teacher takes care of it properly, it will last a significant time.

Connection: This camera is USB only, which means the teacher must use the computer in order for it to function.  Again, this is not a make-or-break feature.  Most teachers will want the document camera connected to their computer anyways, so that they can save pictures for later use or post to their classroom website.


I would highly recommend this device for anyone looking for a document camera in their classroom.  It is hard to imagine given the pricing of other document cameras, but a school could outfit ten classrooms with these devices for well under $800.


If you are interested in bulk purchase options for your school, be sure to contact IPEVO via email or phone (Email: sales-america@ipevo.com TEL: 408-490-3085)