Mac Of All Trades: Refurbished Apple Products

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WHO: Schools, teachers, parents, or students looking for Apple products at a lower cost.

HOW: Visit, browse for the product you are looking for, and purchase!

WHEN:  Mac of All Trades runs frequent sales, so check back to their website frequently.  There is also an option for volume purchases, which are typically five or more of the same item.  This option is great for schools looking to create a lab at a lower cost.  Shoppers can also check out what is available in the clearance section.  Here you may find some “scratch-and-dent” type items.  If you are alright with scratches, dings, malfunctioning webcams, etc.. these items are offered at deep discounts.

Mac of All Trades may also be interested in buying your used products, so if you are looking to upgrade, it may be worth your time to visit their “sell” section.

I have used this company before and I have been very happy with their product.  When I did have some issues, their customer support went above and beyond to accommodate.