Fresh Grade: Digital Student Portfolios With Ease!


WHO: Teachers looking to create digital portfolios for their students.

HOW: Teacher signs up for an account at, creates a class, adds students, then uploads materials.  Teachers can use either their computer or a mobile device.  When using the App, teachers can capture evidence in the form of picture, video, audio, or text. Next the teacher tags the student or students it goes with, and it is added to the appropriate portfolio. There is also a student app, allowing students to take charge of their portfolios as well.  Parents also have an app available for them as well to see what each of their students are up to, and receive communication from teachers.

WHEN: This is a great tool for teachers to use all year round.  This allows the teacher to have materials to show parents how their student is doing during Parent-Teacher Conferences.

This tool is very easy to set up, and makes communication a breeze. It is very useful for classrooms with mobile devices.

Fresh Grade Product Demo from Fresh Grade: