IPEVO Ziggi-HD Plus Product Review


DEVICE: IPEVO Ziggi-HD Plus Document Camera

COST: $99.00 (plus tax and shipping if applicable)



Cost: While staying just below the $100 price tag, this document camera is very appealing when compared to competitors products.  Schools can afford to outfit multiple classrooms with document cameras for the cost of one of the competition’s models.

Clarity: IPEVO has made a large step in picture quality with this edition of the Ziggi Document Camera Series.  Featuring an 8 Megapixel lens, a max resolution of 3264 x 2448, 12x digital zoom, and a streaming rate of 30 fps, make this the best document camera IPEVO has released.

Footprint:  The Ziggi-HD Plus takes up very little space on your desk.  The base is roughly the size of a smartphone.  The neck articulates and folds up if you want to put it away or take it with you to a presentation.

Ease-of-use:  The included software is simple and straight forward.  Teachers can be up and running with this device in their classroom in under 10 minutes or less (depending on install time.) IPEVO provides their Presenter Software, which has many different options for teachers when using one of their document cameras.  Teachers are able to zoom, split screen, and adjust white balance from inside the software.  This allows the camera to stay on the desk while the teacher is up at the board.


Connection: The Ziggi-HD Plus is USB only so it must be run through a computer.  While this is listed as a negative, it is really a trade off for the small footprint and low-cost.  IPEVO offers other models of document cameras, specifically the VZ-1 VGA/USB Dual Mode Document Camera that can be run directly to a projector if desired.


IPEVO Document Camera Comparison Chart