Five Options To Learn How To Code


The Hour of Code runs from December 7-13, 2015; here are a few options to keep teaching code all year round! – This is the website linked with Hour Of Code, there are a few different options that help to keep students engaged in creating code to program a popular character to complete a level. After completing students are rewarded with a certificate of completion.

Kodable –  There are free and paid versions, with the free version being a basic curriculum.  Teachers sign up, create classes, add students, and get started.  Students visit the site, put in the class code, then select their name.  Kodable is very basic and geared towards elementary level.

All Can Code – This website allows students to lead the character “Marco” around many levels while using visual coding with blocks.  Students also learn about loops and boolean statements using this engaging activity.

Code Combat – This site has a few different coding languages to choose from, including python.  The difference with this game-based coding tool is that the students must write code instead of using blocks.  This allows students to begin to learn syntax.  In this game, the students lead their character on missions through levels and also interact and battle with other characters.  Teachers can create classes and follow student progress throughout the game.

Codecademy  – This site breaks away from playing games while learning.  Users can select what they want to learn about and get started. Options include website, Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, Command Line, SQL, Java, Git, HTML & CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Python, and Ruby.  Lessons are provided on the left side and a workspace is given on the right to start typing.  There is also the option to have a premium account in which a personalized curriculum is created.