Zeal Exit Tickets To Be Discontinued

Received an e-mail from Zeal yesterday with sad news. I won’t post the whole message, but here is the first paragraph.

“We are sad to say that Zeal will be discontinuing our free product, Zeal Exit Tickets, at the end of this school year to focus on Zeal Tutoring. We know that many of you have come to love and depend on Zeal Exit Tickets and we are deeply sorry that we are not able to support this free product past the end of this school year. To continue to access your free account you can log in at et.zeal.com starting today. Starting Thursday, February 4, going to www.zeal.com will direct you to Zeal Tutoring.”

The teachers I have worked directly with loved these Exit Tickets, and students enjoyed using them. If there were a way to keep this product going, I’d love to see someone take it over.