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Keven Rinaman is the Director of Technology at Calvert Catholic Schools in Tiffin, OH.  A graduate of Heidelberg University (’07), Keven aims to bring classroom technology tools to teachers all over the world.  This blog is designed to be a resource center of tools to use in classrooms K-12.

At home, Keven is married (Katie) with a son (Cooper).  A huge Cleveland Indians fan and an Apple junkie, Keven enjoys spending his free-time with family and helping with technology questions.


“Social Media in Schools” –  Diocese of Toledo Technology Conference

“Going 1:1, Our Process at Calvert Catholic Schools” –  Diocese of Toledo Technology Conference

“6th Grade Journeys Around The World” –  Diocese of Toledo Technology Conference

“Classroom Walkthrough App” –  Diocese of Toledo Technology Conference

“Moodle Boot Camp” – Ohio Moodle Moot

“Black Rocket: Infusing Game Design and Classroom Content” – Ohio Educational Technology Conference

“Recording and Mapping Living History with Video” – Ohio Educational Technology Conference

“Technology Integration Resources and Where to Find Them” – Catholic EdCamp Chicago

“3D Printing in the Classroom” – Ohio Educational Technology Conference



Formative Assessment

This session will take a look at various formative assessment tools to use in the regular classroom.  Teachers will have the opportunity to get hands on with their use in the classroom.  Some tools will benefit 1:1 classes, and others will work well in limited technology classes.  Examples include Kahoot!, Plickers, Google Forms, Socrative, Go Formative, and more!

Engaging Tools

In this session, we will take a look at tools that help to engage students and parents in the learning process.  Types of tools that will be addressed include private photo-sharing and communication, Game-based review tools, websites to extend lessons, as well as tools to help Flip your classroom.  Teachers will be given the opportunity to try the tools out from both the student side and teacher side.

Moodle Boot Camp

In this session we will work on the basics of setting up an online classroom and take a look at the tools available to incorporate Moodle into classrooms.  We will also demonstrate how to embed tools from other websites into your lessons and create a one-stop-shop for your students.

Classroom Technology Tools

In this session we will explore classroom devices that enhance lessons and bring different options to classic techniques. We will take a look at Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Interactive Whiteboard solutions, Document Cameras, Lego Robotics, Raspberry Pi and more!

Going Google 

An introduction to Google Apps for Education.  This session will have an entry level approach to the workings of Google Drive, Docs, Forms, and Slides.  The first 60-90 minutes will be tutorial of how each item works, followed by 30-60 minutes of hands-on usage by the attendee.


Google Certified Educator Level 1      

Career in Education:

Administration Roles – Director of Technology, Technology Coordinator, Dean of Students

Clubs & Organizations – Student Council, Class Advisor

Athletic Coaching – Wrestling, Golf, Baseball

Classes – Computer Applications, Media Technology, Standard Integrated Math, American History, World History, Government


Upcoming Presentations:

Tuesday, January 23, 2018: 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM

3D Printing in the Classroom: Learn all about the process Calvert Catholic Schools took to begin using MakerBot Replicator printer(s) with their students. This workshop will highlight the leadership team thought process for deciding which printer to purchase and what accessories, and it will explain the issues that popped up and slowed the process. You will learn the vocabulary of 3D printing, see examples of student work, and take a look at online sites to find lessons and inspiration. You will also experience a live 3D printer in action and start to tinker on your own, and get hands-on experience by doing some basic CAD drawings using TinkerCad online.