Brain Rush: Adaptive Games to Engage Students in Content


WHO: Teachers that are looking for ways to engage students in classroom content.

HOW: Sign up for a free account (you can use your Google account), add students, assign games, and enjoy!

WHEN: These games would be great as a formative assessment tool, interactive classroom activity, homework, or for extra material for students looking to get ahead.

It took less than 1 minute to have me engaged in an activity on the western United States.  The game I played was perfect for recognizing the geography of the western United States.  The game kept track of my mastery, and invited me to step up to the next level when it deemed I was ready.  The library of content is quite extensive:

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 4.26.32 PM

Brain Rush is worth your time to check out, many students will find in fun and exciting!

Mac Of All Trades: Refurbished Apple Products

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 10.57.58 AM

WHO: Schools, teachers, parents, or students looking for Apple products at a lower cost.

HOW: Visit, browse for the product you are looking for, and purchase!

WHEN:  Mac of All Trades runs frequent sales, so check back to their website frequently.  There is also an option for volume purchases, which are typically five or more of the same item.  This option is great for schools looking to create a lab at a lower cost.  Shoppers can also check out what is available in the clearance section.  Here you may find some “scratch-and-dent” type items.  If you are alright with scratches, dings, malfunctioning webcams, etc.. these items are offered at deep discounts.

Mac of All Trades may also be interested in buying your used products, so if you are looking to upgrade, it may be worth your time to visit their “sell” section.

I have used this company before and I have been very happy with their product.  When I did have some issues, their customer support went above and beyond to accommodate.

Go Soap Box: Versatile Formative Assessment For The Classroom


WHO: Teachers looking to gather formative assessment data from their students.  This is a great option for 1:1 and BYOD classrooms.

HOW: Teachers sign up for an account, create an “event”, select which setting they wish to use, and then direct students to log in via event code.

WHEN: This tool is great to gather data before class begins, during class, or at the end to gauge student understanding.

Go Soap Box has a “Confusion Barometer” allowing students to select if they understand or are confused on the topic.  This gives the teacher a clear view at the class as a whole.  Each event has it’s own Moderation Panel, allowing teachers to turn on/off a good amount of features.

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 8.05.01 PM

Another great feature is “Social Q & A”, which allows students to select what questions they have.  The teacher can then see most common questions from the class and address what they need to.

While scrolling through the Go Soap Box Twitter page, it appears that customer service with them is fantastic as well.

Küdzoo: Turning Students’ Grades Into Rewards


WHO: Students above 13 years of age, looking to be rewarded for their classroom achievements.  Parents and School Districts can also help to sign up students to become members and start earning rewards.

HOW: Students scan in their report cards using the Küdzoo mobile app on iOS and Android.  Students may also answer SAT and Trivia Questions to earn points.  These points can be turned in for Küdzoo Cash, which can be redeemed at local businesses, chain stores, or even for experiences.  Click here to view their page on how it works.

WHEN:  Every student gets motivated in their own way.  If this is something that will help your student(s) focus on improving their academics, then it is a successful tool.

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