Wiggio: Online Group Task and Communication Tool

WHO: Administrators, team leaders, and teachers looking for an easy way to communicate with a group, set up to-do lists, and centralized storage for shared documents.

HOW: Sign up for a free account at https://wiggio.com, create a group, and start building!  Wiggio is simple and straightforward to use.  Users can create task/to-do lists that group members can easily check off, as well as set up meetings, upload documents, poll members, share links, and send direct messages.  Group members can set up e-mail notifications of updates, and also have SMS notifications.

WHEN: Wiggio is a great tool for event planning and collaborative work. Teachers/coaches could also use this tool to communicate with groups like Student Council and sports teams.  Administrators would find it beneficial for school committees. Students could use this Wiggio to effectively work on small group projects.

Fresh Grade: Digital Student Portfolios With Ease!


WHO: Teachers looking to create digital portfolios for their students.

HOW: Teacher signs up for an account at https://www.freshgrade.com/, creates a class, adds students, then uploads materials.  Teachers can use either their computer or a mobile device.  When using the App, teachers can capture evidence in the form of picture, video, audio, or text. Next the teacher tags the student or students it goes with, and it is added to the appropriate portfolio. There is also a student app, allowing students to take charge of their portfolios as well.  Parents also have an app available for them as well to see what each of their students are up to, and receive communication from teachers.

WHEN: This is a great tool for teachers to use all year round.  This allows the teacher to have materials to show parents how their student is doing during Parent-Teacher Conferences.

This tool is very easy to set up, and makes communication a breeze. It is very useful for classrooms with mobile devices.

Fresh Grade Product Demo from Fresh Grade:

Google Add-On: Form Mule by New Visions Cloud Lab – E-mail Merge Utility

WHO: Teachers and administrators looking to have automatically generated e-mails from Google Form responses.

HOW: Create a new form with name/e-mail address, and all other information you are looking to collect.  Go to Form Responses spreadsheet, click add-ons, and add Form Mule.  Follow the steps to create various e-mail templates and set up triggers.  Then e-mails will automatically be sent when requested.  In the video below, I demonstrate how to use Form Mule for a workshop registration.

WHEN: This is also very useful for order forms, various confirmations, or student referral system.  Another great option would be for Parent-Teacher conferences.

WEBSITE:  http://cloudlab.newvisions.org/scripts/formmule

Homeroom: Don’t Just Tell Them, Show Parents What Is Happening In Your Classroom!


Who: Teachers looking for a safe, private, and easy way to share pictures from the classroom with parents.

How: Teachers can download the app to their smartphone or log into their account via web browser.  Teachers set up an account, create albums, then send invitations via e-mail address or cell phone number.  Parents create accounts and choose which album they would like to view.  The pictures are delivered with a social media feel.

When:   This is a great tool for sharing and collaborating with parents at all grade levels.

Website: https://gethomeroom.com

Remind (formerly Remind101)

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 11.22.52 AM

Who: “A safe way for teachers to text message students and stay in touch with parents.” – remind.com

How: Teachers sign up for a free account. Then create a class and have students/parents join the group.  Teachers can have up to 20 groups/classes.  Creating an account is simple and quick.  Teachers can be up and running in under 5 minutes, ready to send their first reminder. Teachers can use the web interface or download the Remind app to their smart phone.  Students can sign up to get reminder through their phone or via e-mail.  Remind gives the teachers print off instructions to give their class.

When: Snow days, assignment reminders, motivational quotes, etc.. Anything a teacher would like to pass on to their students and parents.  Students need to be 13 years or older.

Remind (formerly Remind101) is a great tool used by many teachers.  This allows the teacher a safe way to communicate with their students.  Using a LMS is fantastic, but if the student doesn’t log in, they may miss something.  Remind allows teachers to send a message to a students cell phone.  We are sure they will be checking that!