Quill: Writing Tools For Students

WHO: Teachers looking for an easy-to-use tool to help students become better writers.
HOW: Head over to https://www.quill.org/, sign-up as an educator using Google, Clever, or manual entry, and get started.  Teachers can import classes from Google Classroom or create their own in the system.  Once a class is in place, a diagnostic test can be assigned.  Information from this assessment will give recommendations on activities for each student. There are four main options for student use in Quill:
Connect – Practice combining fragments into complex and well-structured sentences.
Diagnostic – Allows teachers to find out where students need to focus.
Proofreader – Students learn editing skills.  Passages are supplied with errors allowing students to practice grammar.
Grammar – Sentence writing activities for students to practice grammar.
WHEN: The majority of these activities are 5-10 min so they function well as bell-ringers or closing reinforcements.  These could also be used for enrichment work for students to extend their learning when they have finished regular classwork.

Outwhiz: Quality, Engaging, Math And English Practice With Rewards


WHO: Teachers, Parents, and Students looking for a way to practice math and english while earning rewards for their work!

HOW: Parents/Students can sign up on their own, or teachers can create classes and invite students to join.  Teachers are then able to assign specific topics that are Common Core aligned, and view Leaderboards and Student Progress.  As students practice, they are rewarded with badges, points and coins.  Along the way, students are also given goals, such as answering a certain amount in a row correct. Students earn points for their math and english practice, and parents reward their students with coins.  In order for parents to give coins, they must have a paid subscription.  Students can then turn in the points and coins for items such as gift cards.

WHEN:  Outwhiz works for in-class practice, enrichment time, additional assistance, or supplemental work.

First and foremost, this activity allows students additional practice of skills in math and english.  Outwhiz also hits on the competitive nature of students by using leaderboards, and also keeps students engaged with badges and rewards.

Here is the break down of free/paid subscriptions:

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