CoSpaces – Create Your Own Virtual Reality World


WHO: Teachers looking for a fun and exciting way for students to demonstrate mastery of content, while utilizing the latest trend of Virtual Reality.

HOW: Sign up for a free account at, select “Create Project” and get started!  CoSpaces may not be the easiest for the digital immigrants (those who have not grown up with technology), but for students that have spent a good amount of time playing Minecraft, should pick it up and run!

WHEN: CoSpaces could be useful in a variety of classroom projects.  Ideas include virtual book reports (students create a scene and record their voice explaining), capture a moment in time (Dinosaurs, American Revolution, Ancient Egypt, etc..), or creating biomes, or community planning.  CoSpaces could be considered the new-age way of creating shoebox dioramas.

CoSpaces allows students to get hands-on with their learning and demonstrate what they were able to comprehend from the classroom.  The environment allows the user to add pictures, voice, and text, as well as many pre-made figures.  After creating a scene, students can view each others creations on the computer, tablet, or with a Virtual Reality headset.


Here is a video from CoSpaces to help you get started:

How to Create in CoSpaces from CoSpaces on Vimeo.

Photogrammar – Great Depression: A View Into The Past

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 10.11.51 AM

WHO: Social Studies teachers looking for first-hand pictures form the Great Depression

HOW: Visit “Photogrammer” at Yale’s website.

WHEN: This is a great opportunity to demonstrate the hardships Americans went through during the Great Depression.  These could be used for lectures, writing prompts for students, and much more!

This project is being put together by Yale.  Viewers can display images based on the county of origin, sort by a specific theme, or show where each picture was taken, including who the photographer was.  This is an ongoing project with more options to come as well.